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The Power of Mastermind Groups in Sharing Wisdom

mastermind Jun 24, 2024

Shared wisdom benefits the giver and the receiver.  The receiver gains knowledge and the giver gains a reputation as an expert.

A mastermind group is the perfect demonstration of how sharing wisdom works, but there’s a lack of understanding about what a mastermind really is.

Masterminds aren’t a new invention, Napolean Hill published Think and Grow Rich in 1937 and in it he talks a lot about masterminds.  A mastermind is collective minds working on a single issue; some people call it the ‘hive mind’.

A mastermind uses a process, honed over time, and this is successfully used by, mostly, business people to explore and solve challenges they’re aiming to overcome. 

Who are the collective minds?  Generally, it’s a small group of people, usually fewer than a dozen, with varying life-skills and experiences, who meet up to share knowledge, but mostly to brainstorm issues, problems or challenges.  They can be people...

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How to protect yourself in a limited company partnership

Uncategorized Jun 20, 2023


I'm going to purchase a furnished holiday let (FHL) through a limited company with a friend via mortgage. What terms should be made, prior to buying or considerations/ advice as this is the first time I've done this.

I'm looking for expert advice from a legal standpoint to safeguard myself and ensure the partnership is successful going forward.


What you will find is the reverse - mortgage lenders will be actively safeguarding themselves from you and your friend winding up your limited company at short notice and depriving them of the regular monthly payments of your mortgage.

You will both be required, as the shareholders of the limited company, to sign Personal Guarantees to make good any remaining debt (if any should remain) after the property has been repossessed and sold to recoup the lenders capital. You will further be required to receive independent legal advice to ensure that you understand your responsibilities in this respect.

From a legal...

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Splitting the lease - or not

ninja learning Jun 05, 2023

BTL lenders have a very 'vanilla' approach to what they want to lend on, based on their view of the worst case scenario i.e. how easily could the property be disposed of if it was repossessed?  They look for properties with broad market appeal.  If it’s not a regular freehold house let on a single AST, they start to put up the barriers.

Unmarketable properties include:

  • Non-standard construction
  • Flats above commercial units
  • Flats in high rise blocks
  • Properties let by the room and many other quirky features
  • Houses divided into flats

If you’re requesting a mortgage for any of these they prefer to play safe and decline to lend.  So when you are planning to buy a building that has been converted into flats you have to jump through some hoops. 

The first – and critical step – is to establish whether the property is a legal conversion. In other words, does planning permission exist with the local council for it to be separate flats rather...

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Finance for a build-to-let

Uncategorized Apr 20, 2023


We have quite a big garden and have managed to get planning permission for both an extension to rear of our property and also a new dwelling to the side of the property.  Ideally, we’d like to do both at the same time.

The plan is for it to be a build-to-let.  We have been looking for a lender that would give us a mortgage that would give us enough to at least build the new dwelling, at the moment we’ve only been able to find mortgages that would allow us to extend the property but won’t cover the new build.

I wonder if a self-build mortgage would be our best option or if there are other financing options we could look at.


You need a radical re-think here, as you are barking up several wrong trees -

  1. If you plan to build next door to let it out, you can stop wasting your time thinking about self-build mortgages.  Not only is it not your best option, it’s not any option, it’s a complete non-starter.  These...
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A bridge much nearer

The phrase ‘a bridge too far’ has always been used to describe something that is unrealistic or unreasonable.  Bridging finance has often fallen into that category by uneducated investors.  In most people’s minds bridging is ‘******* expensive!’

This still largely true if you’re using it for its original purpose, buying a new main residence before selling your current one but that is a small percentage of the bridging market. Commercial use is the main way bridging is now used i.e. to make money on properties you don’t actually live in. 

More than a decade ago, bridging interest rates were approx. three times higher than mortgage rates.  Back before 2010, the standard rate for bridging finance was 1.5% a month – i.e. 18% pa, At that time mortgages were running at around 5-6% annually.

The credit crunch caused mortgage interest rates to drop, and they’ve stayed low for more than a decade, sitting at around...

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How to Manage Your Rental Income Intelligently

lease options mindset Mar 20, 2023


We are in the process of purchasing a property that we are planning to use as a furnished holiday let (it is already currently used as an Airbnb). 

We will be purchasing it in joint names.  My husband's income is close to tipping into the next tax bracket, whilst mine is far from it.  

I have been told that we would need a deed of trust to say that the taxable income from the property will be in my name i.e. 0% of the income for husband and 100% for me.  However, having looked at the government website it would appear that a deed of trust is not necessary for a furnished holiday let and only for regular rentals.  It would appear that for a furnished holiday let we can just decide between ourselves who's getting the income and pay tax as such. 

Am I reading it wrong? 


The simplest solution is to buy it jointly, but set it up on a 'tenants in common' basis rather than the normal 'joint tenants' basis.  I know you are the...

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Are You a Hare Or a Tortoise?

This is a case study with two different investors with £100K to invest:

Amy decided to use her £100K to buy a property cash, refurb it and refinance it. 

George was looking to invest his £100K in four buy-to-lets (BTLs) in good areas and in good condition. 

Amy was really lucky, she got a property below market value, the refurbishment went well, there were minor additional costs as the team uncovered problems when they lifted up the floor but, overall, upon refinance Amy had a deal that generated a healthy return. 

She left only £23K in the property meaning she got all of her money back apart from £23K. 

George however went for a different strategy, he purchased four turnkey BTLs in areas that provided good capital appreciation and rental demand. George's properties were located in two of the best cities for growth predicted by Savills. George only spent a total of £98K as he's purchasing on a mortgage and not spending anything...

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Finance For Commercial Premises


We are looking at a large fish and chip shop, rented out at £750 pcm, with about 10 years left on the lease.  The building also has two large flats above the shop – both currently empty.  Can you recommend a commercial mortgage provider?


There is more than one way of approaching this.

Having 10 years left on the lease is good and will give you brownie points with commercial lenders. However, they won’t be happy with the 2 two empty flats. With commercial mortgages, lending is based on a multiple of the rent income - those two empty flats are going to hit what you can borrow.

This means you’ll need to put in a way bigger deposit than you would if they were tenanted and contributing to the rental income. To the point where you may struggle to come up with enough cash to get the deal over line - unless you are flush with cash.

Are these flats in a ready to rent condition? If so, could you line up tenants and get their ASTs...

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Borrow or Use Cash?

strategic planning Feb 05, 2023

When you’re building a property portfolio financing your investments is most often done by borrowing a large part of the purchase price, but if you have accumulated a pot of money or are fortunate to have a windfall, the question arises – do you use your cash to buy outright or still borrow to purchase?

Logically, if you can fund a deal with cash, you should; that way you have zero borrowing costs.

Investors are often reluctant to do this on the basis that tying up their cash in one deal takes them out of the game if another juicy deal comes along.  However, as the saying goes ‘there is more than one way to skin a cat’.  If you’re smart you can still grab that juicy deal, without having to refinance your current properties to release cash.

It's a Process

If you use bridging finance intelligently you can make that purchase without any hard cash at all.  There are some key things that you need to know:

  •  A bridger will lend 75% on the...
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How to grow your property portfolio – the smart way

strategic planning Jan 20, 2023


I have a portfolio of four houses in London with an approximate value of £550K each. I have used the remortgage strategy to finance all of them.

All the houses are rented with excellent tenants.

Now I want to extend my portfolio to be able to buy, refurbish & resell.  I simply don’t have £500k+ available to invest into this. 

Can you advise me where I could get potential investors from that are willing to take a certain % rate each month as interest.


To begin with, please note that with FCA directives such as PS 13/3 and PS20/15, you are not permitted to ask for money speculatively via social media.

What you think solves your need (other people’s money) won’t work, as I explain further down.  You need a complete re-think of how you buy investment property because you have fallen into the trap that awaits every investor: 

You run out of cash before you run out of ambition

It took you four properties to hit...

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