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Join a mentoring group that has a focus on getting you started, growing your cash pot and helping you towards developing the kind of property investment career you dream of.

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The challenge with anything is getting started.  Even if you know what to do, it can be hard to actually start taking action.  If you’ve learned from the Ninja Investor Programme, but want some encouragement, guidance, hand-holding and accountability to get things going you’re in the right place.

Ninja Aspirers offers you the opportunity to join an ongoing mentoring programme that meets monthly, mostly virtually, but occasionally live.  The focus is on getting you started, growing your cash pot and helping you towards developing the kind of property investment career you dream of.

If you’re starting out with less than £50K you’ll find this mentoring programme will get you started - and get you ready for even bigger things.


This group was created to help people who have completed the Ninja Investors Programme.  However, mentoring without knowledge won’t get you far - so, if you haven’t already completed the Ninja Investors Programme, that’s your first step.

If you’re already a qualified Ninja and want to up your game you can do more, learn more and achieve more.

Ninja Aspirers is a cost-effective mentoring and accountability forum which features:

  • Regular meetings (virtual evenings and in-person full days)
  • Rolling membership
  • Set 4 weekly actions and be held accountable by members
  • Quarterly guest expert 90-minute tutorials
  • Share and learn from best practice
  • Brainstorm property challenges
  • Live deal analysis
  • Your property investment questions answered
  • Support and encouragement

And - all you have to do is show up and follow the steps.

You don’t need a huge cash pot to get started, even if you have less than £50K you’ll find this programme will help you build your cash pot up. 

It’s affordable with a monthly subscription (or you can save money by paying annually) and you can stay in the group until you feel you can go it alone.

Ninja Aspirers Mentoring gives you many more advantages - but first you need to be ready to take the first step, so you can get real value from the bonuses.

If you want to make NOW the time you make your property career take off.


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Want something more?

If you’re already a qualified Ninja Investor and you’re ready for intensive mentoring and accountability the Ninja Achievers Mastermind will make your big dreams a reality. Kevin Wright's 12-Month Mastermind  Programme, Ninja Achievers, helps people who are ready to take serious action.

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