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The Ninja Investor Programme Online Mastery Course

Is Property Investment Giving You the Results You Want?

If you’re serious about property, put your property investment on the fast track and become a Ninja Investor - Join Kevin Wright inside his online training programme and learn hoe to get the empowering Cash Buyer Mind-set - without needing the massive bank balance.

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“The strategies I learned on this course have turned everything I have learned and followed previously on its head. I feel I’ve been dawdling for the last 8 years and now I’m about to sprint!

Carlio Hulio

Your Trainer: Kevin Wright

Creator of the Ninja Investor Programme

Kevin has been described as ‘outrageously positive’ partly because of his positive approach to property finance, but more recently as someone who took just two months to beat cancer. He started his career in the property industry in 1983 and has been giving financial advice since 1992 initially as a qualified financial advisor.

The 17+ Hour Ninja Investor Programme
Online Mastery Course will show you:

How to buy like a cash buyer, fast and often at a much lower price – without a big bank balance

Which types of property have few competing buyers – and vendors willing to accept below asking price offers

Exactly the types of property, and seller, that you should be sourcing. Plus how to source them yourself without having to pay sourcer’s fees

How to calculate exactly the maximum you can offer to buy a property to achieve the profit margin you want. Plus how to handle vendors when they won't agree to sell to you at your price

How to leverage the cash you have to do bigger deals with less cash; doing deals 200-300% bigger than you thought possible, using just your current resources.

How to use financial strategies that are virtually unknown to the vast majority of investors, using creative finance that costs you zero

How to get estate agents to regard you as one of their go to investors by using highly effective, but rarely used, language patterns that make you irresistible to them

How to pull out your cash when you want to refinance, and get mortgage lender’s valuers to maximise the value of your property

How to develop your property investment career without giving half your profit away

Included with all purchases:

  • 200+ Page PDF Workbook

  • Over 17+ Hours of Expert Video Training from Kevin Wright

  • Private Facebook Group with full Access to Kevin Wright

The Ninja Investor Programme Modules Include the Following Content

Click here to download the Full Curriculum PDF

1. Fast Funding Formula

This module breaks down the myths and mysteries of bridging finance, so you have the confidence and knowledge to fund deals with bridging finance. It teaches you how to use bridging to enable you to adopt how cash buyers buy property, fast and often at serious discounts, this is a real shift of mind-set. You'll learn that bridging is often the first choice of the intelligent investor, not the last resort of the desperate investor

2. Negotiation Transformer™

Here you'll learn to stand out from other competing investors by the way you structure your language, if you sound different you are perceived differently. You will be able to market yourself to estate agents and have them begging you to view their properties. And learn some little known tactics that can swing many a negotiation your way

3. JV Pro-Fit Retainer™

There is no need to give away 50% of your profit when you JV, other people’s money is available way cheaper than that, this module explains how. If you are going to JV, you want to do all you can to keep the right side of the FCA and they are policing how JVs are set up. You learn all you need to know to keep you safe.

4. Rapid Cash Recycler™

You'll learn a 7 step plan that minimises the risk of a refinance down valuation when you are trying to get your cash out of one deal to put it into the next one. This shows how to solve a perennial problem investor’s face. Plus, you'll also learn the reality of how HMOs are valued and what you need to do to get an income based valuation.

5. Ninja Investor Strategies™

3 strategies for buying properties with way less than the normal 25% deposit required, actual case studies used to explain how it is done:

  • 90% flip strategy: minimise your deposit by using lenders that lend against the value, not the purchase price. All you need to know to make this work
  • 50% BMV strategy: unmortgageable properties are a real goldmine and ignored by so many investors. You learn how to find them, how to identity the ones to buy and the ones to avoid, how to buy them and how to benefit massively from properties that have way less buyer interest and vendors already conditioned to accept below asking price offers
  • 100% refurb strategy: you learn it is possible to borrow 100% of the purchase price, you just need to structure the deal in the right way.

When you know how to de-risk refurbing prior to purchase i.e. between exchange and completion, the cash you need to do a deal is significantly reduced

What others are saying...


"Cannot thank you enough for building my confidence and mind-set with your content"

Ru Ellingham

"Kevin’s knowledge is absolutely mind-blowing"

Steve Wilkinson

"Kevin Wright is a genius at what he teaches"

Nse Murray

"Worth every penny and delivered by a guy who really does want to help us succeed"

Sophie Ahdhi

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