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About Kevin

If you’ve decided that property investment is the means to provide you and your family with a better lifestyle, I hope that I can inspire you to play a bigger game than may think is possible.

Proactive finance for property investors is a different approach to what is being taught elsewhere in the property education arena. Since 2013 I have been helping property investors like you to buy like a cash buyer, with all the advantages that offers, without needing a massive bank account to get started.

My own passion for property led me to specialise in brokering finance for property investors and it is this 20 + years brokering background that makes my fully-fledged, well established training business unique in that it is designed to educate investors to play that bigger game in property - but with their current resources.
It may be counter-intuitive, but if you do what every other investor is taught to do, you are likely to get similar results.

"I Observe the masses - do the opposite" - James Caan

You can start your learning right now - there is a wealth of information on my blog. If you choose to progress with me to more structured learning, on this site you can join the Ninja Investors or one of my mentorship programmes, Ninja Aspirers and Ninja Achievers. On the Recycle Your Cash site there is a range of online learning and short live training programmes too.

You are capable of more than you are currently achieving and I thrive on helping to release the potential within you. I get a real buzz from helping you to achieve more than you may currently believe possible.

I look forward to helping you on your journey.


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