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The Ninja Investor Programme 3-Day Workshop

Is Property Investment Giving You the Results You Want?

If you’re serious about property, put your property investment on the fast track and become a Ninja Investor - Join Kevin Wright on his 3-day Ninja Investor Programme workshops and get the empowering Cash Buyer Mind-set - without needing the massive bank balance.

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“The strategies I learned on this course have turned everything I have learned and followed previously on its head. I feel I’ve been dawdling for the last 8 years and now I’m about to sprint!

Carlio Hulio

Your Trainer: Kevin Wright

Creator of the Ninja Investor Programme

Kevin has been described as ‘outrageously positive’ partly because of his positive approach to property finance, but more recently as someone who took just two months to beat cancer. He started his career in the property industry in 1983 and has been giving financial advice since 1992 initially as a qualified financial advisor.

The 3-day day Ninja Investor
programme will show you:

How to buy like a cash buyer, fast and often at a much lower price – without a big bank balance

Which types of property have few competing buyers – and vendors willing to accept below asking price offers

Exactly the types of property, and seller, that you should be sourcing. Plus how to source them yourself without having to pay sourcer’s fees

How to calculate exactly the maximum you can offer to buy a property to achieve the profit margin you want. Plus how to handle vendors when they won't agree to sell to you at your price

How to leverage the cash you have to do bigger deals with less cash; doing deals 200-300% bigger than you thought possible, using just your current resources.

How to use financial strategies that are virtually unknown to the vast majority of investors, using creative finance that costs you zero

How to get estate agents to regard you as one of their go to investors by using highly effective, but rarely used, language patterns that make you irresistible to them

How to pull out your cash when you want to refinance, and get mortgage lender’s valuers to maximise the value of your property

How to develop your property investment career without giving half your profit away

Provided for all Delegates

  • Training Materials and Workbook

  • Lunch Served on all Training Days

  • Refreshments Provided Throughout

  • Free Parking 

For all Workshop Attendees*

Get access to the Recycle Your Cash, Video and Audio training after you leave the weekend workshop to continue your learning and significantly increase your chances of success.

*Access will be granted the day after your workshop finishes

What others are saying...


"Possibly the most valuable weekend of my life"

Toby Berry

"Kevin’s knowledge is absolutely mind-blowing"

Steve Wilkinson

"Kevin Wright is a genius at what he teaches"

Nse Murray

"An amazing weekend of life changing learning"

Ted Turner

"Worth every penny and delivered by a guy who really does want to help us succeed"

Sophie Ahdhi

"An excellent workshop which I would say is essential for any serious property investor"

Jason Living

"Cannot thank you enough for building my confidence and mind-set with your content"

Ru Ellingham

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"This is a complete game changer for the way I view property finance. This knowledge will mean I can achieve my 5 year goals in the next 12 months"

Chris Kirkwood

"Fantastic weekend. Interesting, informative and will no doubt become lucrative. Thanks very much Kevin!"

Nikki Pope

"Kevin wright gave me the confidence to buy like an expert!"

Cate Bauen

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