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The Power of Mastermind Groups in Sharing Wisdom

mastermind Jun 24, 2024

Shared wisdom benefits the giver and the receiver.  The receiver gains knowledge and the giver gains a reputation as an expert.

A mastermind group is the perfect demonstration of how sharing wisdom works, but there’s a lack of understanding about what a mastermind really is.

Masterminds aren’t a new invention, Napolean Hill published Think and Grow Rich in 1937 and in it he talks a lot about masterminds.  A mastermind is collective minds working on a single issue; some people call it the ‘hive mind’.

A mastermind uses a process, honed over time, and this is successfully used by, mostly, business people to explore and solve challenges they’re aiming to overcome. 

Who are the collective minds?  Generally, it’s a small group of people, usually fewer than a dozen, with varying life-skills and experiences, who meet up to share knowledge, but mostly to brainstorm issues, problems or challenges.  They can be people...

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