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What is a Ninja Investor?

ninja learning Nov 30, 2017

A Ninja is a person skilled in ninjutsu, a Japanese martial art characterized by stealthy movement and camouflage.  So a Ninja investor is someone who buys property using stealthy movement and camouflage.

The keys to success are knowing things that others don’t and being able to do things that others can’t.  Match these with a positive mind-set and the willingness and ability to take swift action and you’ve got the raw material to be a real Ninja Investor.

Here are the essential dozen characteristics of a Ninja Investor.

  1. They grow their portfolio (and bank balance) faster than most property investors.
  2. They don’t tie up their capital in buy-to-let mortgages or limit their ability to buy more properties each year.
  3. They have a cash buyer mind-set, so they don’t think in terms of mortgages and deposits.
  4. They know that the cash buyer mind-set means they only need thousands, not hundreds of thousands, to buy like a cash buyer.
  5. They are able to buy at lower prices with less of their own money in each deal.
  6. They often get BMV offers accepted for the properties they purchase.
  7. They can buy properties that traditional lenders won’t touch; properties that are unmortgageable – although not necessarily high risk (and they know how to assess the difference).
  8. They know how to negotiate crazy deals at well below market value rates and sell properties at a much high price than the one they’ve paid. Bigger profits are a given.
  9. They often get any money they’ve invested in the property out on completion, keeping their cash free for the next project.
  10. They know that, when buying at auction, the most profitable deals are often those bought pre or post auction, rather than in the highly-charged auction room.
  11. They understand that increasing the value of a property doesn’t necessarily mean a refurb – and know how to use the buy/no refurb/sell model effectively.
  12. They make bigger profits, whether they buy to sell or buy to let.

If you don’t think this is consistently possible, I can introduce you to many people who operate their portfolio exactly like this.  People who have:

  • Bought a house with less than 10% deposit and made £62K profit in three months.
  • Borrowed 112% of the purchase price – and created an additional £37K in equity.
  • Bought a property and sold it two months later with a profit of nearly £33K – without a refurb.
  • Put in a deposit of £3K and made £51K in three months.

These are all real case studies and we can introduce you to the right bridgers to help you achieve this.

We can also teach you how to use Ninja Investor strategies in a three-day workshop.  Give us a call on 01206 586586.


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