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Making better decisions

mindset Dec 20, 2018

When it comes to decisions, it’s tempting to take the line of least resistance.  That’s usually choosing NOT to do something or to do nothing.  Nobody achieves success by doing nothing! 

Let me share with you something that happened to me.

In April 2016 I was diagnosed with level 3 Non-Hodgins Lymphoma, an aggressive form of cancer.  It was already in more than one location and the severity scale only goes up to 4, so I had a choice:

  • Follow medical advice and undergo chemotherapy treatment and hope it worked
  • Man up, take responsibility for dealing with it and, most importantly, take action

Having done a lot of self-development over the years, there really was only one choice for me.  I found an NLP coach and together we devised my strategy for conquering cancer, using a number of NLP techniques including meditation, visualisation and affirmation. 

I read up on holistic approaches to conquering cancer, from people who had been there and done it, and changed my diet to deprive the cancer of the things it needed to grow.  I also attended my chemo-sessions every three weeks, my consultant programmed me in for eight sessions.  My friends and community described my approach as ‘outrageously positive’.

Did it work?  You bet!  By the third sessions I’d got rid of about 90% (yes, about two months in).  By the sixth and final session (didn’t need eight) it was 99% gone, although the medics hesitated to confirm 100% clear until four months later.  I saw the PET scan results and, after seeing previous scans I knew what I was looking for – and I couldn’t see any sign of the cancer cells.

What’s this got to do with decisions?

If you’re saying “That was different; it was a life-threatening situation,” just stop and think – how many people do you know who have been diagnosed with a serious illness and don’t do anything outside what their doctors advise? 

I’m not trying to blow my own trumpet (well, maybe a little), but a success mind-set isn’t something people use in times of crisis.  It’s something you work on developing and then apply to LIFE.

If you’re looking to make a career in property – or even get started – what’s stopping you? 

  • Do you have all the information you need to make good decisions?
  • Do know how to develop that positive mind-set and maintain it?
  • Do you know what your end goal is – and any interim goals along the way?
  • Is there someone who will act as your cheer-leader, supporter and push you when you need it?
  • Have you got a clear list of the benefits of success? They need to be things that YOU want, not something someone else has told you that you ‘should’ want.

You don’t have to do it alone; get someone who is already successful to be your mentor, cheer-leader, supporter or coach.  This might be more than one person, but your success ratio will rise with the right support. 

I had all kinds of ‘opinions’ from those closest to me, but they were operating on hear-say and beliefs based on gossip.  I actively looked for information from people with experience – and read a few really useful books along the way.

If you apply the same approach to anything that you want to achieve you’ll find you are on track for success.  The more success you experience, the more you believe in yourself.  It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy (but so is the belief you’ll fail).

So are you ready to get on that path to success?  Start by taking action – thinking about it won’t work.

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