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It’s all in your mind

mindset Jan 10, 2019

Belief is powerful.  If you believe you can do something it gets much easier to succeed.  Of course, the opposite applies, if you don’t believe you can achieve something you will get what you expect.

I’ve been practising neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) for over fifteen years. So when I received a cancer diagnosis from my doctor in April 2016, I knew pretty much what I needed to do, to use my mind to allow my body to heal itself.  I’d been diagnosed with stage 3 (next to the worst level) in several places so I knew I had to take it seriously.

I underwent chemo as well, but I conditioned my mind so that I didn’t suffer any adverse effects from chemotherapy.  I felt perfectly healthy throughout the whole process—I never even needed to take a single day off work.

I got scanned at different points; to check progress, Eight weeks later the scan showed I’d reduced the cancer  by 90%, and in another twelve weeks I’d got rid of 99%. I’ve been clear since January 2017.

Has that experience changed me as a person? For me, it was just another exercise that proved that NLP works.  I got the result I expected to get.   In my workshops, I teach people to change their existing mindsets. They come in thinking like a mortgage buyer, because if you’re dependent on mortgages to buy a property that’s how you think.

But a mortgage is not the only way to finance purchase of a property.  The problem is that other methods have been categorised, usually by people who aren’t knowledgeable, as ‘risky’, ‘expensive’ or ‘difficult’.

Your brain is a highly sophisticated information processing tool and if you’re focused on something being risky or expensive, the chances are that your brain will have that front and centre.  You know there’s a saying:

Energy flows where attention goes

That’s a fancy way of saying you get what you’re focused on.  That’s what mindset is all about – focusing on what you want, not what you don’t want!

Everything I teach is about exploding the myths and learning the truth about property investment on a practical level.  This helps people to move away from the ‘can’t’ mindset and start working based on ‘I can’!

So know you know it is all in your mind – what will you put in there?

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