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Inspired funding – exploding the myths

Most property investors grow their portfolio by:

  • Searching for suitable rental properties
  • Putting down a 25% deposit
  • Getting a mortgage
  • Maybe refurbishing
  • Then waiting six months and remortgaging to get as much of their money as possible out for the next property purchase.

It works, it’s taught on training programmes, but it takes a long time to grow your portfolio – and doesn’t allow you to buy and sell properties as your cash is tied up.  That makes it tough to buy your next property within that six-month waiting period.

To get momentum investing you can’t afford to wait the best part of a year before you can get your cash out of one deal in order to move on to the next.  It limits you, it holds you back, it doesn’t allow you to explore your full potential as a property investor.

So, if you’re impatient to move on, you definitely need to learn about inspired funding.

What is inspired funding?

It’s focusing on ways to achieve accelerated investment or momentum investing.

People don’t think about borrowing money – they think about getting a mortgage.  The problem is that they have an inner belief that they can’t borrow money.  This may be because:

  • They have a poor credit record
  • Their provable income is too low
  • The cash they have available isn’t enough to leverage to make better property purchases.

And they’re correct on all three – if they’re relying on getting a mortgage in order to advance their property investment.

The problem is that these people transfer their inability to get a mortgage into an inability to borrow money – these are not the same thing, so they have now installed a limiting belief.

There are three things that will change the way you buy property – and fast-track your property investment:

  1. Getting the right mind-set – and believing that inspired funding is available to you, regardless of whether you have some financial challenges.
  2. Understanding that getting a mortgage is not the only way to buy property if you don’t have unlimited cash reserves.
  3. Discovering how bridging finance works – and the REAL costs of using it to fund your purchases.

Using bridging properly you can:

  • Buy more properties in less time
  • Buy properties with very little money down
  • Buy properties from auction
  • Buy repossessions
  • Buy unmortgageable properties with lots of profit in them

You don’t need a big bank balance to buy your next property.  You don’t need an unblemished credit record to be a property investor.  You don’t need to limit yourself to buying one property a year to grow your investment portfolio.

Welcome to inspired funding!


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