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Getting the most for your money

bridging finance Sep 20, 2017


Does bridging lend enough to cover the purchase price and the refurb cost?  If not, how can you get the maximum amount of funding?


Most bridgers lend 70% of the purchase price, but a handful lend 70% of value. This is great if you are buying below market value (BMV) as you can use the discount towards your deposit, but to buy with no money down (NMD) you would need a discount of 30% plus.

You would still need to pay for the refurb, although some bridgers will lend you money to cover that too, but in staged payments and in arrears.  This means you would still need some cash to get the project started.  It may be possible for you to borrow the reduced amount of cash you need privately and bridge the rest.

For example:  I brokered a deal last year where the asking price was £350k.  A £250k offer was accepted, which meant the bridger lent 95% of purchase price.

The refurb cost was £50k, the borrower spent £25k of their own cash, then the bridger lent another £25k to finish off the refurb.  Once the refurb was done the bridger would have lent more, if needed, to pay back the borrowers cash input, but in this case it was not needed.

With the right project you can get started with a relatively small amount of capital.


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