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Bridging to cover refurbs

bridging finance Oct 20, 2020


Which bridging companies offer both normal bridging and refurb bridging?


The problem with this request is:

  1. Any bridger you approach directly is not going to tell you if other bridgers can do you a better deal and, unless you are very experienced using bridging finance, you won’t really know if the offer is competitive.
  2. Just because a bridging lender did a good deal for someone, doesn't mean they will have the best terms for your deal.  It’s a bit like asking for a recommendation for a car.  Someone might extoll the virtues of their Mini, but that’s irrelevant for someone with 4 kids and 2.

My suggestion is to use an experienced bridging broker that can analyse your needs and pick the most suitable bridger for you.

The Ninja Investor Programme trains investors to use bridging intelligently and I’m a partner in a brokerage that has brokered hundreds of bridging deals, so I do know what I’m talking about!

Only a handful of lenders offer a refurb bridging product, although there are ways to uplift your bridging loan as you increase the value of the property in stages during the refurb.  Once again you need to know which bridgers are open to this.


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