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The importance of support

mindset Feb 05, 2022

Property can be a lonely road to travel, unless you happen to work with a partner.  You’re investing big chunks of money and like any solo business, it’s easy to lose your ability to be objective.

Everyone is an armchair ‘expert’ and if you mention ‘property’ in any groups of people you’ll get lots of advice, most of it negative.  If you attend property networking groups at least you’re with like-minded people, but to trust other people’s advice you need time to get to know each other and learn about their background and experience.

What do you do when you need advice?

Support is critical - a trusted forum where you know that people don’t have another agenda and are genuinely interested in giving (and getting) support in their property journey.

The kind of support you need changes as you move along your property journey and that’s why I’ve created a number of options for property investors.

There’s a YouTube channel with lots of videos sharing information and expertise to help investors.  This is open to everyone and new material is added regularly.

There’s also a free Facebook Group Recycle Your Cash, where property investors can share information and ask questions.

Qualified Ninja Investors automatically get access to the private Ninja Investors Facebook group - and lots of interaction goes on in there.  There’s no cost - but it is only for people who have completed their Ninja Investor training.

There’s the Fiver Tribe where for £5 a month you get some exclusive content and discounts on some events and products.

For many people these offer invaluable advice, feedback and information.  However, serious investors usually need something a bit more formal and this is where both the Mastermind and Mentoring Groups have made a real difference.

The Mentoring Group is a monthly meeting, mostly virtual, but with quarterly live events where serious investors can get expert support, get in-depth advice about potential deals and grow their cash pot.  It’s called Ninja Aspirers as it’s for investors who are looking to grow their investments to the next level.

Then there is the Ninja Achievers Mastermind group.  This group meets 10 times a year and runs only for a year - its limited to 10 people and it’s intense.  The aim for members is to work together in a dedicated cohort to leverage their cumulative knowledge and expertise,  Part of this process is also for the members to develop a true millionaire mind-set that moves everyone from financial independence to financial freedom.

Where are you on your property journey?

If you’re just setting out a fully-fledged mastermind group probably isn’t your first step.  But if you’re in property, it’s a smart move to set up your support network.  This is particularly important if your friends and family don’t understand property and may have some negative beliefs around it.  

The right support can provide you with:

  •  Positive input
  •  A sounding board for your ideas
  •  Objective feedback
  •  Valuable advice from people who have relevant experience
  •  An environment where you’re among like-minded people

Time to start building your support network now! 

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