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Could you be a Ninja Investor?

ninja learning Apr 10, 2018

Most property investors start out using buy-to-let (BTL) mortgages to finance their property purchases.  The problem is that then your capital is trapped – at least for a while – and your ability to buy more properties is limited.  But not if you’re a Ninja Investor!

What’s a Ninja Investor?

Property investment is not just for people who have substantial cash reserves – anybody can become a successful property investor with a relatively small amount of available cash. 

Ninja Property Investors have developed a mind-set that isn’t limited to only buying properties through a mortgage.  With the right techniques they can buy any property that they’ve assessed as a profitable investment – whether it’s mortgageable or not. 

This speeds up their property portfolio growth – or profit generation because they know how to buy more property, faster, with less cash.

The secret is to think like a cash buyer – and to do that you need a powerful mind-set to enhance and expand what you can achieve.  This will significantly reduce the time it takes to achieve your property goal.

Transform to the Cash Buyer mind-set

  • The Mortgage Buyer mind-set is to put down your 25% deposit when you buy a property, spend more of your cash on the refurb, then wait several months before trying to refinance to get some of your cash back out.
  • Cash buyers have a superior mind-set; they buy property faster, they buy it cheaper, they buy property no other investors can even consider (such as unmortgageable properties) and they make bigger profits.

Almost every investor that has the Mortgage Buyer mind-set has it because they don’t have sufficient cash to enable them to think like a cash buyer.  There is a simple financial structure that allows you to do this – bridging finance.

Bridging finance allows you to make the paradigm shift by being able to mimic the ways that cash buyers buy property without actually needing to have the cash in the bank.

Some people think bridging finance is expensive and costs more than it’s worth.  Actually, the returns on your investment far outstrip the costs when the deal is right – and it makes it possible to do things that mortgages don’t allow you to do.  That’s where the profits are.

Do keep an eye on costs, but don’t become blinkered to the profitability in a deal.  If you identified a deal with £40,000 profit to be made and a bridging loan would cost you £10,000 in fees and interest, reducing your profit to £30,000; what would you do? Would you walk away or take the £30,000 profit?

Successful Ninja deals:

  • An investor bought a property in Lincolnshire £100,000 below the asking price, creating an additional £100,000 of equity with the refurb; for a deposit of only £12.500 – the purchase price was £250,000.  That’s a 5% deposit.
  • In East Sussex a property that was resold for a profit of £32,800 in just 2 months – was NOT even refurbished and still generated profit.
  • A property in Devon generated a profit of £62,000 in just 3 months with a deposit of less than 10%.
  • A property refurb project in Kent created £37,000 in equity and the investor borrowed 112% of the purchase price.
  • Another property in Lincolnshire was purchased for a deposit of 5% - just £3,000 – and made £51,000 in only 2 months – also without doing the required refurb.
  • This is Ninja Investment.

What are the benefits of using Ninja Investor strategies?

  • You can buy properties that are unmortgageable: 50% Below Market Value (BMV) strategy
  • You can buy properties much faster
  • You can buy properties from auction
  • You can buy repossessions
  • You can refurb properties before you buy them: 100% refurb strategy
  • You can buy properties with little money down:  90% flip strategy

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