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6 steps to getting a better valuation

ninja learning Nov 20, 2017

When you’ve refurbed your property and are looking to remortgage, you have a challenge.  If you’ve bought within the last year or so, the lender’s valuer will be focused on the sum you paid for the property.

It doesn’t matter if you paid 30% less than the identical house up the road went for – they’re only interested in what you paid, not what the property is worth.  So you need to take positive action to minimise the risk of a refinance survey down-valuation.

These are the six essentials you need to cover

  1. Turn up – if you’re not there you have no chance of helping the surveyor to see the real picture
  2. Provide an uncosted works schedule of all improvements made. Make this as detailed as possible
  3. Provide plenty of photos of the property as it was when you bought it. Include ‘during’ and ‘after’ photos taken from the same angles so the surveyor understands the scale of work
  4. Provide examples of similar properties from the nearby streets with SOLD prices within last 6 months. Ignore any properties still on the market – the asking price often bears no relationship to the actual selling price.
  5. Dress the property. If it’s tenanted already make sure it looks tidy and attractive.  If it’s empty, put furniture in and make it look home-like.
  6. Get your own survey done before the lender’s surveyor is booked. Having a professional assessment on hand can be a positive influence.

If you tick ALL of these boxes you will ensure that your property gets the best possible chance of being valued at its true worth.


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