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The power of accountability

mindset Feb 05, 2021

Nobody likes to admit they’ve fallen short and as long as nobody know what you’re aiming to achieve, you never have to stand up and be counted.  But with no fire under you, will you achieve all you hope to?

This isn’t just a property thing - it’s pretty universal - but people who are wannabe investors are many.  They know it’s possible, because other people are successfully investing in many different ways, but they’re not taking action.

What holds them back?

The number one stumbling block is fear.  This is usually fear of failure - and failure when you’re dealing in assets worth hundreds of thousands can be life-changing.  However, sometimes it’s fear of success.  It sounds crazy, but some people worry about what changes they’ll have to make if they are hugely successful.

Procrastination also happens because everyone is different.  Individuals look at other investors and can always find a reason why that investor is different to them - and so that doesn’t mean they’ll experience the same success.  They may have a different amount in the bank, a more supportive family, a different background, expertise in a different field - like I said the differences are multitudinous!

I’m not judging people - or you, if you recognise yourself.  We are all human and breaking out of your comfort zone is never easy.  

I’m a great believer in action - and that you are what you believe yourself to be.  Every successful investor has developed the right mind-set - but it’s tough to take that first step.

What’s the secret?

Property can be a lonely path.  Yes, you talk to sellers, estate agents, tenants, etc., but they’re not other investors, so their view of the world is different to yours.

The only way to really move up your personal property ladder is to do it with support.  That can be:

  • Joining a group that shares experience and where the members support each other
  • Being in a mastermind group where everyone sets their goals and gets help and advice in achieving them - and then hold each other accountable.
  • Getting a mentor to take you through the process you want to follow, who will share their experience and act as a sounding board.

There are property networking events, but they tend to be more about information sharing than specifically focused on individual progress.  I’ve attended hundreds of property networking events (and even run some of my own) and they’re great ways to make connections - but they don’t have the focus of a dedicated group, a mastermind or a mentor.

Accountability is where the magic starts to happen.  When you know that someone is going to ask you how your project is going, you’re going to make much more effort to achieve it.  Achieving your first goal is just the first step, over time you’ll get the habit of doing rather than discussing!  

It’s not a one way street either, you’ll be there to help other people take the steps that get them where they want to go.  You’ll hold them accountable too.  And there’s something special about being in a group of achievers,

I believe in this so strongly that I’ve created the means for you to do any of these things.  Check out:

The Fiver Tribe - a private group where you get advice, knowledge, opportunities and support for just £5 a month. 

The Ninja Aspirers mentoring group

The Ninja Achievers Mastermind


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